Richard Vaughn

Richard Vaughn- Executive Producer

The Billy Vaughn Orchestra has been under the direction of Billy Vaughn’s oldest son, Richard Vaughn, since 2009.

Richard did not follow his father into the music business, but instead became an artist and designer who worked for many years at Walt Disney Imagineering. As one of their lead designers, Richard worked on such projects as EPCOT Center, Tokyo Disneyland, Disney/MGM Studios and many others, around the world. Richard retired in 2012 and he and his wife bought a 22-acre horse ranch in New Mexico.

When Richard’s mother passed away in 2009, he assumed control of Billy Vaughn’s considerable musical legacy, including The Billy Vaughn Orchestra. The Orchestra had not toured in Japan for several years and then was contacted by the Tate Corporation. In September, 2013 The Billy Vaughn Orchestra returned to Japan with Richard at the helm. For Richard, this marked the 74th time he had visited Japan, from his first visit in 1970, through his work with Disney, Universal, Sony Development and now with the 20-member big band and jazz orchestra.

The 2013 Tour was a special time for Richard, bringing him closer to his father’s memory and his music, and once again, to spend time in Japan, a country he has a long love affair with. The year also marked the first time Richard performed in front of a live audience, singing “The Hawaiian Wedding Song.” For Richard, the best moments of the 2013 Japan Tour was the time spent signing autographs and meeting the audience face-to-face.

This year’s tour marks another milestone with the Billy Vaughn Orchestra, the third generation of Vaughn, Chantene Vaughn, Richard’s daughter, will be performing with the Billy Vaughn Singers and singing “And All That Jazz” as a featured soloist. Billy Vaughn would be very proud to have three generations represented on stage in Japan. Now at the age of 65, and back in Japan for the 2014, Billy Vaughn Orchestra Japan Tour, it seems retirement will have to wait.


Chantene Vaughn- Featured SoloistChantene Vaughn

2014 marks the first year Chantene Vaughn will be joining the Billy Vaughn Orchestra as a featured soloist, performing numbers such as “All That Jazz.” She will also be featured in a duet with Richard Vaughn, performing Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable.”

Throughout her life, Chantene has been a member of show choirs, a cappella groups, and is a current member of the Los Angeles Lawyers’ Philharmonic. Chantene specializes in jazz, R&B, and pop vocals.

Chantene was born and raised in Los Angeles California. She is a licensed attorney and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese.


Don Clarke- Manager